Tom Cotton on Hillary’s Foreign Policy: ‘Dealing Us a Losing Hand’

Sen. Tom Cotton Thursday bashed Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech, saying that placing the former secretary of state in charge of such issues “would be dealing us a losing hand.”

“After all, it was during her tenure as President [Barack] Obama’s chief foreign policy advisor that we saw four Americans, including our own Ambassador, brutally murdered in Benghazi, Libya while she ignored their pleas for help at 2 a.m.,” the first-term Arkansas Republican said.

“Even worse, we saw her outright lie to the victims’ families about what really happened that night.”

In a speech in San Diego, Clinton slammed Donald Trump’s diplomacy plan as “dangerously incoherent” — saying that it would “take our country down a truly dangerous path.”

But Cotton, 39, an Army veteran who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He attacked Clinton’s support for the Baghdad troop withdrawal that ended in 2011 and that “paved the way for the Islamic State to become the terrorist group it is today.

“We saw her begin negotiating with the radical, terror-sponsoring ayatollahs in Iran, ultimately leading to the dangerous deal we struck with them last year,” he said. “And we saw a blatant disregard for our security classification system that left highly classified information about our national security exposed for countries like China to steal.

“The most dangerous and incoherent possibility for our future is four more years of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy.”