Sens Perdue & Cotton Demand Obama Release His Activity Report of Terrorists Sprung from GITMO

“The numbers don’t lie: almost one in three detainees released from Guantanamo Bay are confirmed or suspected of returning to the fight,” said the Army veteran of combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Most recently, we’ve seen reports of former detainees joining forces with the Islamic State. Regrettably, many of these transfers are hashed out behind closed doors–this is unacceptable,” Cotton said.


GOP senator: State Dept. ‘must start dealing in the truth’ on Iran

“This whole outrageous episode demonstrates how the Iran deal has been sold to Americans through a parade of misleading ‘narratives,’ echo chambers, and outright falsehoods,” Cotton said in a statement. “The Administration must start dealing in the truth. One place to start is to identify the official who ordered the manipulation of the video and impose appropriate discipline.”